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Pirates of the Caribbean 2 09 07 06

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I saw “pirates of the Caribbean” a while back, and loved it. I am not sure if I liked the second on quite so much.

Good Bits

This film had loads of funny jokes in it, my favourite part was when all of the pirates were trying to escape from a cannibal island, which was hilarious. Also, the actors were great and the way the movie was made was really good.

The bad bits

The plot was strange, and some of the things were a bit similiar. Also, it is quite long, 149 minutes.

What is really annoying is that it ended on a cliffhanger, with lots of problems still to be solved. I will have to see the next one!

4 stars


The Witch trade trilogy 03 07 06

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Recently I have been reading a series of books called The Witch Trade, Time Withches and The Witches Of The Wild West. I have barely started the Witches Of THe Wild West, But the others were good.

The Plot

‘Abby Clover and her friend Spike, the curious boy, found washed ashore after a great storm, are drawn into a world of witches, hidden caverns, fabulous boats, captive children, lost parents, and a quest to find Ice Dust – the source of magical power. With their strange new companions – Captain Starlight, Benbow the giant albatross, and Sir Chadwick Street, flamboyant Master of the Light Witches – they hurtle through perilous seas, face fearsome monsters, and do battle with an enemy, darker and dirtier than they could ever have imagined. With their last sprinkle of Ice Dust gone, the dark fortress of the Night Witch headquarters is a dangerous place to be and it takes more than Abby’s new-found talent for becoming invisible to save them.

My Rating

4 stars, not as good as Harry Potter or something, but good.


The Snow Spider 31 05 06

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I just finished a book called the snow spider. It was brilliant. It wasn't quite Harry Potter, and I am not sure my teachers would like it as there was not a very wide range of sentence structure and the grammar was not that good. But still,I really liked the story.

The story started straight away, with Gwyn (main character) being told by his Grandmother that it is time it is discovered if he is a magician (literally first line) and starts to confuse you a bit as it goes on. However, soon you are dying to know the secret of his lost sister Bethan, who seems to have vanished from existence….

This is a really good book, as I said, not quite a Harry Potter, but still 4 stars. It is one of those books which is amazingly exstrodiary (it sounds weird, sort of like a tongue twister), just not really discover yet, like the secret of the sirens. The thief lord used to be in this catograry, but now it has been discovered and made in to a movie, as I hope this one will be soon 🙂


Please join!!! 29 05 06

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Sorry if you do not have a account, but it is easy to create one. You do not have to use your blog, but alert me of your email and I can add you.


Kensukes Kingdom

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I have just finished the book "Kensukes Kingdom" for school. I did not think is was the best book on Earth, but oh well.

The boook was about a boy called michael who travels around the world with his family on a boat named "the Peggy Sue". But one night there is a terrible storm and Michael gets washed up onto an unknwn island in the middle of nowhere. Soon MIchael discovers he is not alone….

I would give this book 3/5.


The Lion King

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I saw "The Lion King" at my friend Izzy's Birthday Party. I am afraid I have to agree with everyone on this, it ws brilliant.

I know the film was made first, but still the play was much better, with more songs and more exciting costumes. It was simply brilliant, you really must see it.

It is so good I simply have to give it 5/5.


Greek Gods and Godesses

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This is a reveiw I wrote a while back when I recieved a book about ancient Greek Gods and Godesses:

I have just brought a book (or rather, mother just brought me a book ) which is called Greek gods and goddesses. It is really just myths about Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. It was enjoyable, although I knew most of the myths already. It was well illustrated and simply told for children, yet at parts maybe a bit too simple. However, I did think it was a well written book for children. I would give it 4/5.